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Friable asbestos removal
Why Is Friable Asbestos Harmful?

Friable asbestos is loose and volatile.

All fragile, degenerating, or unstable materials with more than 1% of pure asbestos are considered friable. Asbestos is relatively harmless when it is bound to some material and stable. Friable asbestos materials sustain damage quickly, which means even the slightest disruption can release the dangerous mineral into the air. We have a special permit to deal with this material and know the best practices. If you want reliable asbestos removal services, we can help.

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How Do We Remove Friable Asbestos?

Asbestos exists in two states; it is either bound completely to some material or is friable. It is easier to seal, remove, or dispose of bound asbestos because the material won’t release the mineral’s fibres into the air easily. Friable asbestos is different and needs to be handled carefully. As a removal company with more than 30 years of experience, we know how to handle friable asbestos.

Our experts follow industry standards to remove the mineral from your property. We’re a licensed, certified, and experienced company that has handled over 500 friable asbestos removal projects over the years. Here’s a look at our process:

Full Encapsulation
Transporting unstable friable asbestos is very dangerous, which is why we do a full encapsulation to ensure the material is stable.

This allows us to transport the structure without the risk of releasing asbestos fibres into the air.

Negative Air System
The negative air system removes contaminated air from the removal site by using negative air pressure.

The machine will remove all released asbestos particles from the air to ensure it is safe to breathe once the clean-up is complete.

We set up a decontamination unit on the worksite site to remove all traces of asbestos from the workers.

The process helps to ensure they don’t transport any particles from the clean-up site to other areas of the property. Even a few stray fibres can cause a lot of harm.

Assessment and Inspection
A trained hygienist will keep an eye on the air quality throughout the friable asbestos removal process to ensure nothing goes wrong.

The hygienist will inspect the area after the process is complete to ensure there are no traces before deeming the site safe for us.

Safe Work Practices
Chomp Excavation & Demolition comply with all OH&S Safety Standards
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