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At Chomp, we’re not just an excavation company, we are your strategic partners in fostering project excellence in Sydney. For over 25 years, we’ve been dedicated excavation contractors, accurately bringing your projects to life on time and on budget.

Every scoop, dig, and clear is conducted with a synthesis of our rich expertise and innovative, forward-thinking approaches, ensuring your project not only meets but exceeds established benchmarks and expectations.

Why Choose Us

We Are the Best Company for Demolition & Excavation in Sydney.

If you want to know more about our demolition and excavation services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Chomp Excavation and Demolition today. We have the expertise to handle any demolition and excavation projects of all shapes & sizes.

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Over 25 Years of Experience in Demolition & Excavation

The Chomp Team has worked on 1000’s of demolition & asbestos removal projects, as well as Earthwork and Excavation packages.


Experience working with many Tier 1 Building Companies

We have all the required licenses & certifications to carry out all sizes of demolitions and excavations.


Fully Licensed and compliant with NSW Regulations

Our experts have the right tools & training to meet the compliant safety NSW regulations and make sure that all work is completed properly.

The Strategic Excavation Process with Chomp’s Professionals

Embark on a seamless excavation process with Chomp, where seasoned excavation professionals in Sydney meticulously steer your projects from conceptualisation to realisation, ensuring precision and adherence to all regulatory frameworks.

Comprehensive Initial Consultation & Quote
Engage with us for a thorough consultation that encompasses a meticulous site assessment and survey, ensuring every aspect of the site is understood. We deliver a transparent, detailed quotation, setting a clear stage for your excavation project.
Strategic Planning & Permit Acquisition
Your projects are shepherded through a methodical planning phase, where our experts devise a bespoke project plan that aligns with your objectives. We navigate through the intricacies of permit acquisition in Sydney, ensuring legal compliance and a smooth onset of the excavation project.
Rigorous Site Preparation
Prior to excavation execution, our team undertakes diligent site clearing, establishes robust safety measures, and devises strategic access measures, ensuring the site is primed and secure for subsequent excavation activities.
Expert Excavation Execution
Chomp’s seasoned team ensures your excavation is conducted with utmost precision and proficiency, ensuring timelines are adhered to, and the predetermined specifications are met with accuracy.
Thorough Material Management
All excavated material is astutely managed, optimizing for environmentally friendly practices. We prioritize recycling materials wherever feasible, ensuring minimal environmental impact and aligning with feasable objectives.
Detailed Post-Excavation Services
Once excavation is concluded, we embark on rigorous quality control, making necessary adjustments to align with project specifications. Site restoration and cleanup are executed meticulously, leaving your site pristine and primed for the next phase of your project.
Our Services
Chomp provides a variety of Demolition & Excavation Services.
Property Excavation Solutions For Diverse Sectors

In the pulsating heart of Sydney, Chomp delivers unparalleled property excavation services, seamlessly intertwining our rich industry knowledge and cutting-edge techniques to cater to various property types, ensuring each project is executed with precise, tailored excavating solutions.

Residential Properties
From houses and housing developments to apartments and precisely designed gardens, Chomp navigates through residential excavation, ensuring strategic, and neat executions.
Commercial Properties
Addressing the unique needs of shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, and parking lots, Chomp delivers punctual and precise excavation, ensuring minimal disruption to your commercial activities.
Industrial Properties
Chomp expertly manages excavation projects for factories, warehouses, and storage facilities, guaranteeing robust and strategic solutions for all your industrial needs in Sydney.
Institutional & Governmental Properties
Ensuring stringent adherence to regulations, Chomp expertly navigates excavation for schools, hospitals, and government buildings, ensuring safety and precision.
Public Utility Areas
From roads and airports to bridges and dams, Chomp provides specialised excavation, ensuring public utility projects are safely and effectively executed.
Recreational Areas
Enhancing recreational spaces like parks, sports complexes, and golf courses, Chomp delivers aesthetic-focused and structurally sound excavation, ensuring a blend of safety and visual appeal.

Begin Your Excavation Journey with Chomp

Entrust your commercial projects to Chomp, your excavation expert in Sydney, ensuring precision and compliance from start to finish. Engage with our experienced excavating contractors to navigate through each phase of your development project seamlessly. With Chomp, excellence and meticulous attention to detail are not just promised, they’re delivered.

Trusted by our customers

Mobex Removals David Walker

I recommend Chomp without hesitation. Once we had settled the demolition and excavation dates, the crew turned up on time and completed the work very professionally and on time. The crew were good communicators, helping to ensure the work was completed to my expectations and needs. The demolition and excavation work costs were also very competitive.

Mobex Removals Michael Zachariou

Excellent demolition work performed to the satisfaction of my builder. The old house was demolished carefully (including asbestos removal) and the site was left level and clear of all demolition debris and vegetation. Combined with a fair price and the fact they did the work when they said they would, this makes me highly recommend them.

Mobex Removals George Saratsopoulos

Andrew and his team made the process of rebuilding our dream home run with out the normal stresses associated with knock down rebuilds, price was fair and job was done right the first time – once we had our construction certificate through from council Chomp began our demolition and where finished within the 10 days they had promised. So refreshing to know there are still business out there that are not trying to take adavantage of you. I won’t hesitate to refer Andrew to anyone looking for demolition or excavation.

Mobex Removals Nikola Jason

I was having trouble finding the right company to assist with our excavation problem. Lucky I found this family owned business, who provided an amazing service for an excellent price. Sydney’s best excavation and demolition crew.. Thank you Chomp!

Mobex Removals Daniel Hall - First Choice Building.

I used Chomp to demolish a house for me in Birchgrove and their work was amazing. They knew I was working to a tight time frame so they got in and finished the job in two days. I would definately recommend them!

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