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Hiring professional excavators ensures the entire process is done quickly and safely.

We have the right tools, equipment, and safety gear to move earth without causing any damage to surrounding areas. Here’s a look at some reasons why many people hire us for the job:

  • We have worked on government, commercial, and residential excavations in Sydney.
  • Chomp Excavation & Demolition has worked in this industry for more than 30 years, offering expert demolition, excavation, and asbestos removal services.
  • We are the go-to Sydney excavation experts for a large client base.
  • Our team has worked on over 250 excavation projects over the years, so we understand how to approach different projects differently.

If you want reliable and trustworthy excavation services in Sydney, our team can help. Just contact us to book a consultation and get a detailed quote for the project.

Professional Excavation Services

Whether you want to remove existing structures, prepare a plot for new construction, or move earth to ensure the terrain is safe to use, you need professional excavation services. At Chomp Excavation & Demolition, we have worked on several residential, commercial, and industrial excavation projects over the years and know how to carry out such projects safely and efficiently.

Our team can handle small-scale and large-scale excavation projects easily. We have the skill, workforce, and all required equipment to handle everything from backyard excavations to large commercial complex projects. Our team will carry out quality checks at every step of the project to ensure nothing is harmed during the process.

Excavation services require a well-planned and systematic approach. Every project has unique requirements, so we need to come up with a tailored plan to ensure the work is to our client’s satisfaction. Here’s a brief look at the process:

Understanding the Scope
Our first step is to understand the scope of the excavation project by carrying out comprehensive land surveys. We survey ground levels, top levels, underground utilities, and even test the soil before a project. This allows us to understand what kind of tools, equipment, and approach is needed.
Preparing the Site
We establish a safety parameter around the property, make centreline or gridline drawings, sketch out an excavation drawing, brief the team on safety measures, and take all required steps to ensure the plot is ready. Large-scale projects also require construction dewatering wells and connected trenches.
Excavation Process
Once the plot is prepared, we start working on the excavation. This process requires ground surveying equipment, excavation machinery, and several hand-held tools like drills or hammers. The first step is to remove all debris like rocks or plants. We then set ground tracing, add benchmarks, excavation land, and move excavation soil to a designated spot.

Our Excavation Services

We offer a wide range of excavation services under one roof. All of these services are tailored according to the client’s requirements. Here’s a look at what you can expect:

If you want to know more about our services or need a quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Chomp Excavation & Demolition. Our experts will offer straightforward answers and recommendations.

Safe Work Practices
Chomp Excavation & Demolition comply with all OH&S Safety Standards
Why Choose Us

We Are the Best Company for Demolition & Excavation in Sydney.

If you want to know more about our demolition and excavation services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Chomp Excavation and Demolition today. We have the expertise to handle any demolition and excavation projects of all shapes & sizes.

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Over 25 Years of Experience in Demolition & Excavation

The Chomp Team has worked on 1000’s of demolition & asbestos removal projects, as well as Earthwork and Excavation packages.


Experience working with many Tier 1 Building Companies

We have all the required licenses & certifications to carry out all sizes of demolitions and excavations.


Fully Licensed and compliant with NSW Regulations

Our experts have the right tools & training to meet the compliant safety NSW regulations and make sure that all work is completed properly.

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