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The National Asbestos Awareness Week 2021 (NAAW 2021) campaign is set to be held from 22 to 28 November this year. SafeWork NSW and hundreds of other responsible organizations are supporting the campaign and bringing the message to thousands of households in the region. We are supporting and promoting the theme for this year’s campaign, “Think Twice About Asbestos.”

Why Does the NAAW 2021 Matter?

The general perception is that the hazards of asbestos no longer exist, as it is not used anymore in construction materials. The truth is dangers from asbestos still lurk around, as 1 in 3 Australian homes still contain this material. Similarly, many commercial and public buildings are still not free from this substance.

Almost 4,000 Australians are losing their lives every year due to exposure to asbestos. So, improving awareness about this substance’s presence is important in reducing this statistic.

Our Support & Promotion of NAAW 2021

As asbestos professionals, we are already bringing groundbreaking changes across the spectrum by helping remove this hazardous material from homes, commercial buildings, and industrial spaces. We are supporting and promoting the NAAW 2021 campaign through our vast network. We find this campaign to be an opportunity for us to make a big difference in our industry.

We understand that every word spread on the topic can help save lives. Asbestos is still a major health-threatening issue and many people are unaware of its presence in their home or place of business. There is a multitude of ways for promoting National Asbestos Awareness Week. We are promoting and spreading the word at our workplace and on our social media networks and website.

We are also promoting SafeWork NSW’s efforts amongst our network that includes our clients, suppliers, and other companies that do business with us.

About the NAAW Campaign

The National Asbestos Awareness Week has been created as a timely and important reminder of the importance of delivering services in accordance with the latest health and safety regulations. These regulations play an important role in protecting our team and the community we serve from exposure to this hazardous substance.

It is widely observed that professionals including tradespeople and home renovators don't take the hazards or even the presence of asbestos as seriously as they should. The NAAW 2021 campaign, with its theme “Think Twice About Asbestos,” aims to challenge this complacent approach of different types of professionals that come in contact with asbestos. We understand that the objective is to remind everyone involved that the dangers of this substance are still there.

Since we come in regular contact with the public, the NAAW 2021 also aims to raise awareness amongst the general public. Everyone must learn about not just the risks, but also where to find asbestos in different types of properties. People must also know what they should do when they find asbestos around them. Lack of awareness and knowledge about how to handle such situations is a common reason why so many people never contact asbestos removal professionals.

Asbestos – A Persistent Threat

It is unfortunate that thousands of Australians die every year because of asbestos-related diseases. These diseases can be completely prevented through safe asbestos removal. As part of the NAAW 2021, we will be taking the following steps as part of the safety precautions and making them an integral part of our procedures:

The National Asbestos Awareness Week 2021 strives to take a big stride towards reducing the above-mentioned statistic. And Chomp Excavation & Demolition will make every effort to support and promote this campaign and the underlying message. We will also recommend other stakeholders and our clients become part of the campaign. For more information about the campaign visit www.safework.nsw.gov.au/asbestos.

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