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how much does it cost to demolish a house

There could be so many reasons for you to demolish a house. For some it is the fact that the property has become old and a new more modern property would suit their needs better. For others it could be aesthetics and scenic pleasures that their house wasn’t providing them in a country side or a hill side. Whatever be your case, if you have the budget then it should not be a problem for you to demolish any property that you own. The question however is how much should be your budget?

In Australia, the average cost of demolishing a house is between $14000 to $16000. Of course, demolition and the associated costs depend on the kind of property being demolished. There are cases where the costs have gone up to $30,000 even. So before you start building your dream home by razing down the present one, you have to pay attention to the following factors that control the price you pay for getting your property demolished

Size does matter

There is a direct relation between cost of demolition services and the size of the house because, well, the more you need to demolish the more effort it requires and hence the more labour intensive it is.

Materials that make up the house

The different kinds of materials define how much effort is required to bring down the complete property. The easiest materials are wood and timber and the hardest are concrete and rocks. The brick ones fall in between the two however, that too depends on how much cement is used between the bricks.

Factor in the foundation

It is one thing to just collapse walls but it is another thing to excavate the foundation. While demolishing walls has much more flexibility, the options with the foundations, the driveways and patios are limited hence the equipment and labour costs add up to the overall bill.

The ease of reaching the property

The house built on hills or remote areas will cost much more to demolish than the house in the city. The reason being the additional cost of taking the equipment to the site. It may not be intuitive in the first place but you must keep in mind that excavators and wrecking balls aren’t easy to take into the jungle or up the hills. The travel and transportation costs quickly add up and can end up taking a good share of the total bill if your house is really remote.


Locations that are historically significant or the areas around the house harboring special trees or other wildlife will need permission from the local bodies to even begin the work. An inspector might visit the site to assess during the demolition work and pre and post-analysis might be carried out. If they feel there has been damage to the site that was not supposed to happen, you might be charged a penalty of fine on top of the payment for demolition services. Hence you need to be careful and work with specialists in this case.

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