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Demolition refers to the process through which a building is dismantled through a controlled and pre-planned mechanism. During the construction process, old buildings are to be demolished to create space for new buildings, or for safety purposes. There are different processes of demolition, each of which involves adequate training and skills. The particular method of demolition to be deployed depends on the nature of the building. Besides, the experts need to consider several aspects like the mass, materials, weather conditions and debris.

The pre-demolition process

The professionals need to consider several factors before the demolitions take place for safety. Besides, the demolition process needs to be tailored for each building. Therefore, the pre-demolition process involves several steps, including:

Different types of demolition methods

Based on each project, different types of demolition methods can be used. Some of these include:

1. Implosion of buildings

Implosion happens to be the most effective process of demolishing buildings. However, this process is used in less than 1% of the cases as they are of a specific nature. In this method, the engineers use explosives to knock out the main supports of a building. Therefore, the structure collapses from inside.

In case there is adequate space, the engineers fit the explosives to the left columns of the buildings. During detonation, the building falls to the side. This collapse is often controlled by cables to make the mechanism safe. However, in case of space constraints, the engineers place the explosives in the middle sections or the lower support system of the building. In this case, the structure collapses onto itself. Experts, known as ‘blasters’ generally carry out the implosion process.

2. Demolishing with excavators

In case of small structures, an excavator comes handy in dismantling the structure. A high reach excavator would be needed to reach buildings exceeding a height of 60 feet. Besides, buildings made of concrete, masonry or steel need heavy duty excavators. This process works as a safer and cleaner method to dismantle structure. It produces a lower amount of noise and debris. Besides, the excavator operator is exposed to a limited risk of injury.

The excavator demolishes the attachments in the building. Crushers, shear and hydraulic hammers are the most common tools used in the demolishing process. The arm of the excavator, equipped with the necessary tools, breaks and pulls down the structure from the top to the bottom. Besides, the ground crew further dismantles the residue to runnel using crushers, sledgehammers and hammers. The size of the building determines the boom size.

3. Wrecking ball demolition

The wrecking ball demolition method deploys momentum to dismantle buildings. In this mechanism, a huge steel ball, that may weight up to 12,000 pounds is swung to the structure after being suspended from a crane. With gravity, inertia and weight working together, the crushing motion of the ball breaks down the building.

Releasing the ball involves certain methods. At times, it is dropped from a great height after being hoisted. In other cases, it is released after being dragged back. However, in any case, the experts need to control the trajectory of the ball by precisely controlling it. 

Considering ecological issues, presently selective demolition methods are also being used. With adequate skills and expertise, reputed firms carry out the demolition process to mitigate risks and unwanted damage to equipment.