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Tree Removal and Uprooting

Sydney Tree Removal – CHOMP

CHOMP Excavation & Demolition offer even more with our their team of tree removal and uprooting professionals. CHOMP offers uprooting and stump removal services that are safe, quick and reliable. Our team is highly trained in trimming, uprooting, and removal of trees and stumps of all shapes, sizes and weight.

Once we’re there we’ll inspect your garden and let you know which trees are safe, unsafe and those that are high risk. If we spot any problems we’re going to let you know what steps can be taken and what it will cost.

CHOMP’s tree removal and uprooting services cover all bases, and with our years of experience you can count on us to handle even the most complex situations. Even though at times, tree removal can be a daunting task, we are up to the challenge. Our team of highly trained professionals will assess all your concerns regarding hazards, aesthetics and the health of your trees.

Furthermore, you can be certain that when we remove a tree, the surrounding area is not damaged.


Why is Professional Tree Removal Service Important?

First of all, cutting down trees yourself is dangerous, and even more so if you try to uproot it. At CHOMP you can be sure that you are receiving the service of specialists who know all about removing trees safely, and without damaging the rest of the environment or other properties within its proximity. We cannot question the importance and beauty of trees, particularly indigenous species, however, some can be a real annoyance. They can also be quite dangerous if poorly maintained or in areas that are notorious for high winds.

Aside from uprooting trees, we also provide pruning services, and again this is a task that is best left to experts because as it many times more dangerous than trimming your hedges. CHOMP offers a complete range of services related to tree work and maintenance including but not limited to hazardous tree assessment, replanting, transplanting, tree pruning, and stump removal, among other activities.

Our services all include comprehensive tree assessments to determine whether the tree in question poses any threats, and if so, what challenges may be faced in its removal. Needless to say this is quite a calculated task and is best left to the professionals.

One of the main reasons it is recommended that professionals perform these activities is because they possess the necessary skills and equipment to remove and uproot trees in areas of confinement. Tight access areas are a major hindrance for successful tree removal.


Unhealthy trees can pose a threat

Based on our knowledge and experience, even the healthiest trees face may begin to die off if they cannot receive adequate levels of water and nutrients from its soil. Weakened trees become much more fragile and this can endanger structures and lives within its vicinity.

If you feel one of your trees may be a danger to your house or office, then please call 9579 5186 or contact us online to have us check it out. Just let us know the situation and we will send to you experienced tree removal specialists in Sydney.


Chomp Excavation & Demolition Pty Ltd are certified contractors working with the NSW EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) for residents of the  Willoughby City Council, Kogarah City Council, Hurstville City Council, Rockdale City Council and Sutherland Shire Council area to help stop illegal dumping. CHOMP-land-clearing-and-landfill-sydney-services