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Asbestos Walls Removal

Safe Asbestos Wall Removal Sydney

In order to remove asbestos walls Sydney professionals must follow proper precautions must be taken and regulations followed. By law, all demolition sites and projects carried out in Sydney must first be registered to the NSW Asbestos Register. Generally, if the wall material hasn’t been damaged, doesn’t have signs of wear and tear and has been painted on, you may leave it there as it won’t pose much of a threat – just remember to inspect it regularly for signs of deterioration.

However, during renovations or demolition projects, if you come across asbestos in the walls, it would be best to stop what you are doing. If not handled properly, these walls may release asbestos fibres into the air – posing considerable risk to those in the area. You should hire licensed professionals to remove asbestos walls.

For renovation, if the materials show signs of deterioration, consider painting, re-sealing or applying a non-asbestos product to cover the damage. If that’s not possible and removal is necessary, make sure you comply with safety procedures and laws when handling asbestos. Hire a licensed removal expert and follow the instructions below to ensure your safety:

  • Don’t use power tools, sanding discs or abrasive cutting
  • Don’t use high pressure hoses or compressed air
  • When working on the walls, don’t leave asbestos materials lying around your house where it can be get crushed

If you’re not sure if the material contains asbestos, call a licensed asbestos professional for more information. If you’re going to remove the material, do so in a well-ventilated environment, and keep the material wet during the removal process to reduce the release of dust fibres. Again, it is recommended that you hire a licensed asbestos professional for this task because of the potential health risks.

Be particularly careful with external wall sheeting and cladding materials as they are awkward to disassemble and are more prone to splitting and breaking. There are typically higher levels of asbestos in external walls because of their fireproofing and insulating strengths.

CHOMP will examine the main vertical elements of your home or business to determine the presence of any asbestos cement sheeting behind ceramic wall tiles or any asbestos cement backed fake brick cladding.

Call CHOMP on 9579 5186 or contact us online for any inquiries regarding asbestos wall removal, demolition or excavation across Sydney.


Remove Asbestos Walls Sydney Safety Precautions

If you accidentally break material with asbestos, wipe the dust with a paper towel or damp cloth, place the towel / cloth in a plastic bag and dispose of it properly. Don’t use a regular vacuum cleaner because it isn’t capable of filtering particles and can actually release the asbestos particles in the air. If material with asbestos gets cracked, seal it with paint or glue. If there’s considerable damage you should have the sheet replaced and the old sheet discarded properly.

If you’re going to remove asbestos, you should adhere to safety practices because the fibres pose a threat to your health, and if the item is bound loosely you’re better off getting in touch with a professional. If you’re going to remove firmly-bound asbestos, put on personal protective equipment. The material should be wrapped in a thick plastic bag. Discard the material along with the protective clothing and breathing apparatus that was used.

Asbestos waste needs to be disposed of properly and in accordance with your local laws. If you’re not sure, contact CHOMP or your local council and find out how asbestos waste should be disposed of and how much it will cost.

Follow the Remove Asbestos Walls Sydney guide provided above, and if you’re going to dispose of asbestos in a specific site, package the asbestos in the manner described and make sure the load is secured. If you’re placing it at the back of your vehicle, make certain it doesn’t fly out or bounce or bounce around in your vehicle.


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