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Asbestos Roof Removal

Remove Asbestos Roof Sheeting Safely – Sydney

In the past, asbestos was used on roof sheeting and cladding to fortify it. Blended into siding and roofing materials, asbestos fibres were used to increased durability and provide greater fireproofing and insulation. However, growing health concerns has seen a reduction in its use since the early 1980s. Because of the health hazards asbestos poses, local Sydney councils recommend professionals to remove asbestos roof and other materials to minimise risk and maximise safety.


How to Know if Siding or Roofing Has Asbestos?

You can check for asbestos markings on the siding or roof, or you can look at the packages where the material came from. If you’re not sure, where possible, contact the manufacturer. If contact with a manufacturer cannot be made, then call a licensed asbestos inspector to inspect the material. CHOMP Excavation & Demolition is a Sydney licensed asbestos removal company that can assist in any services involving asbestos.

CHOMP will inspect your ceilings for synthetic mineral fibre batts, typically in the form of loose fill cellulose based insulation or a loose fill synthetic mineral fibre that could expose you to loose asbestos fibres.

Before you decide to remove any roof asbestos, consult your local building code to determine if the material should be removed or if it’s better left alone. If the roofing and siding are in good condition and shows no signs of deterioration, it’s best to leave it as is. But if the material deteriorates, it should be repaired, covered or removed altogether.


How Dangerous is Working with Asbestos?

Cement siding or roofing with asbestos are usually not hazardous if it is in good condition and intact. If the roofing is non-friable, that is they cannot be broken down by hand pressure, it’s considered safe. Paper-like vapor barriers are more dangerous because they can be damaged with a little bit of pressure.

Keep in mind that even non-friable roofing and siding can be weakened by aging, weathering, water and heat, and if left unattended, becomes friable. The material also becomes friable if removed, releasing asbestos fibres in the atmosphere. For these reasons you should avoid sawing, drilling, cutting, sanding and breaking of the materials because it will release the fibres in the air. Once out there, you could inhale these fibres and when in your lungs, lead to lung cancer, mesothelioma and other respiratory conditions.


Safe Asbestos Roof Removal Sydney area

You are legally allowed to remove asbestos from your home, however, as part of NSW’s new legislation, all demolition work is required to register their site to the asbestos register. CHOMP can arrange this for you and also issue asbestos clearance certificates so you are able to complete your asbestos roof removal Sydney project.

Be certain you put plastic drop cloths around the roof to collect the asbestos. Wear protective clothing during the process and make sure there’s no one else there during the removal process. For your safety, wear a respirator with P100 cartridge filters. Don’t use dust masks because they’re not as effective.

Be careful when climbing up the roof to remove the asbestos, and make sure you’re wearing disposable clothing because you have to get rid of them following the procedure. Remember to wet asbestos contaminated materials, and again, keep the siding and roofing from breaking so dust doesn’t fly off. At the same time, work slowly so dust is not released during the removal.

During the roof asbestos removal process, it’s important you follow the procedures to avoid accidents and risks. If you’re not sure how to proceed, your best option is to hire a professional asbestos removal expert who will do the work for you. CHOMP is fully licensed and has many years of experience in all types of asbestos removal. Continue here for more information on asbestos removal.

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