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Home, Shop & Office Strip Out

Home, Shop and Office Strip Out Sydney

Here at CHOMP Excavation & Demolition we recognise the value of efficiency when it comes to home, shop and office strip out Sydney. We completely understand the amount of stress that is caused by a renovation and reshuffle as big as this. Whether it is basic or full-blown project, we know you want to be in your new look home, shop or office as soon as possible. We are here to make your job easier so you can focus on the more important things.

Our team of professionals use only the most effective home and office strip outs methods, and take an innovative approach toward all tasks to ensure they are completed quickly. It doesn’t matter if you want one bedroom or an entire office floor stripped. And since we let you know the costs beforehand, there will be no unpleasant surprises.

It’s as simple as picking up the phone and calling 9579 5186 to organise a free quote. Just tell us what your requirements are and your time frame. We offer competitive prices and unlike other companies, we confirm the total cost prior to starting work.


Our Available Services

What we do here is simple; we will help you perform the strip out so you can concentrate on your new look. The following are the different types of strip outs we off our clients:


Bathroom Strip Outs

Perfect before any serious bathroom renovations. A bathroom strip out involves clearing out all unwanted fixtures and appliances including cupboards, sinks, shower screens and bath tubs in order to make way for new ones. Bathroom strip outs can be difficult, particularly in houses with older plumbing systems. Be sure to hire one of our bathroom strip out Sydney professionals to ensure the task is completed correctly and efficiently so you don’t incur future problems.


Kitchen Strip Outs

Perfect before any kitchen renovations. A kitchen strip out allows for a professional sweep of the entire area and allows for the quickest turn around time for your new kitchen. Our strip out Sydney experts can efficiently remove all unwanted fixtures and appliances, including; refrigerators, ovens, stoves, cupboards, sinks, flooring, counters and benches.


Shop Strip Outs

Whether your shop is a small boutique store or a large department store, CHOMP has the most efficient methods to ensure your shop is stripped properly and quickly. Just like you, we are a business who understands the value of time and the frustration of not being able to conduct business as soon as possible.


Office Strip Outs

Whether you are looking to knock down one dividing wall or strip out an entire office floor, CHOMP can satisfy your needs. Our strip out Sydney specialists can help you with tasks such as moving furniture, removing computers and printers, and dismantling fixtures such as bolted desks and partitions.


Rubbish Removal

During the strip out process we often find old printers, computers and equipment that are either obsolete or completely out of order. Many of these machines are no longer necessary, and we ensure that the proper steps are taken in order to dispose of them in an ethical manner. We are proud of our alliance with several Sydney councils in the fight against illegal dumping. There are many hazards involved in throwing these kinds of materials out to the junkyards as much of the hardware produces toxins – particularly printing ink cartridges. We are ethically and morally bound to dispose of these materials the best way possible.


Data Destruction

One of the most common problems in home and office strip outs is data destruction, and we do our part in reducing the problem. When we remove old electronic equipment we ensure the physical destruction of the material and that all the data on the memory cards and hard drives are destroyed. While we specialise in all types of strip outs, we take the matter of e-waste just as seriously.


Truly Hands-on Service

We provide a complete and hands-on service to all of our clients. Our service starts with the careful planning and preparation prior to starting the job and ends when all materials and debris is cleaned and removed. Furthermore, our team of Sydney home, shop and office strip out Sydney experts are aware that you’re working under a deadline and need the work completed as soon as possible. The quicker we finish our business, the quicker you can finish your project.


CHOMP’s home and office strip outs are designed to make life easier for you. We’re a business who know how important time is. We’re here to make sure the process is smooth as possible.

If you’re looking for kitchen, bathroom, shop or office strip out Sydney, call 9579 5186 or contact us online for a free quote.


Chomp Excavation & Demolition Pty Ltd are certified contractors working with the NSW EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) for residents of the  Willoughby City Council, Kogarah City Council, Hurstville City Council, Rockdale City Council and Sutherland Shire Council area to help stop illegal dumping. CHOMP-land-clearing-and-landfill-sydney-services